Keko Chronicles - Characters

Character Art by Mack-A-Doodle-Presents

Pagley O’Fuzzinstuff (Origins)

Pagley O’Fuzzinstuff is from the Nuggles nation of Galuria. Like most Galurians, profit is a big motivator in Pagley’s life. Having left his homeland nearly a decade ago, Pagley has tried to make a life for himself in a small, stable Safe Zone in the northwestern part of the country of Yeslynn, in the foothills of the Dezarkeem Mountains. He is more than willing to safely transport individuals throughout the region in his Hover Boat, should they be willing to pay a fair price.

Pagley O’Fuzzinstuff
Pagley often comes across as gruff and uncaring and avoids talking about his life back in Galuria at all costs. After crossing the Plains of Torlyss, Lord Quiggs hires Pagley to take himself, and Samantha and Daniel Keko from the Dezarkeem Mountains to the Island nation of Jo-Jo off the northern coast of Yeslynn.