Keko Chronicles - Characters

Character Art by Mack-A-Doodle-Presents

Lord Quiggs (Origins)

Lord Quiggs and Madame Ponqui were both among the twelve individuals originally chosen to keep the corrupting power of the Mask of Unwanted Sorrows out of the wrong hands. When Ponqui betrayed the group, Quiggs had the Mask hidden away and began forming a coalition to stand against Madame Ponqui and those that chose to follow her. Now, centuries later, both sides in the conflict have grown stronger. As Madame Ponqui’s Hound Army begins to position itself for the conquest of Nuggles, Lord Quiggs has turned his attention to the ancient prophecies about the Nuggles-Born, the Earth child born on Nuggles but raised on Earth that could destroy the Mask and bring peace.

Lord Quiggs
Convinced that either Samantha or Daniel Keko is that Nuggles-Born savior, Quiggs has traveled to Earth in his krystal-powered, interdimensional vehicle known as the P.T.A.W.M.T. (Portal to Another World Machine Thingy). Bringing with him a journal written by Samantha and Daniel’s father, Lord Quiggs has convinced the Keko children to join him on his quest to find the Mask of Unwanted Sorrows and stop Madame Ponqui once and for all.