Keko Chronicles - Locations


Safe Zone (Origins): Throughout Nuggles there are “Safe Zones,” zones where creatures and individuals are unable to physically harm one another.

Most of Nuggles believes these Zones to be pockets of strange, residual energy from lost technologies. Somehow, this energy affects the brain so that all violent intentions and instincts are immediately shut down before anyone or anything can act upon them.

Most Safe Zones are small and unstable. Some drift randomly across Nuggles’ surface. The largest stable Safe Zone in Nuggles is in the country of Yeslynn and contains the city of Paradise.

Safe Zone

Unsafe Zone (Origins): Several Safe Zones throughout Nuggles have been corrupted, possibly intentionally.

The strange, residual energy from lost technologies that usually keep violence from occurring within a Safe Zone, somehow now causes the violent intentions of creatures and individuals to be magnified.

These corrupted Safe Zones are called “Unsafe Zones” and should be avoided at all cost.

Unsafe Zone