Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do Creatures With Counters Lose their Counters When they get Imprisoned?

No. Imprison only prevents Creatures from using Special Abilities. If your Maze Thraxxis has 26 counters on it when it gets Imprisoned, it will still have 26 counters on it when it gets Released. Unless, of course, another card or ability removes those counters in the meantime.

Can you Add or Remove Counters from a Creatures While they are Imprisoned?

If you are using a card to add or remove counters (Krystals, Multiplication, Depletion, Energy Drain, etc.) then yes. Imprisoned Creatures are still considered “in play” and therefore can be affected by other cards. If you are referring to an Imprisoned Creature’s own Special Ability (Shibbers) to add a counter to themselves, then no.

What’s the Best Way to Keep Track of Imprisoned Creatures?

Imprisoned Creatures should be marked by a specific counter that is easily distinguishable from other counters that you are using during a game of Keko Chronicles. The Keko Chronicles: Origins (Deluxe Edition) comes with Imprison Tokens. These Imprison Tokens feature the same artwork as the Imprison Card and are also available to purchase separately to add to your Keko Chronicles: Origins (Basic Edition).

If I use Pagley O’Fuzzinstuff’s Special Ability to Do Damage to Myself to Search the Discard Pile for a Transportation Card and there are none in the Discard Pile, Do I still take 2 points of Damage?

Yes. Doing the damage is what “allows” Pagley to search the discard pile for a Transportation Card.

If my Character is Deffilwyne the Hunter, and Deffilwyne’s Holding comes into play, how many times do I get to use Deffilwyne’s Special Abiltiy?

It depends on who plays Deffilwyne’s Holding and how many creatures are in play. If you are Deffilwyne the Hunter and someone else plays Deffilwyne’s Holding, you do not get to use Deffilwyne’s Special Ability. You did nothing to Imprison the Creatures. If you are Deffilwyne the Hunter and you play Deffilwyne’s Holding, you get the bonus for however many creatures are in play when Deffilwyne’s Holding comes into play. If there are ten creatures, you get to use his Special Ability ten times. Now, if Deffilwyne’s Holding is already in play and new Creatures come into play and instantly get “Imprisoned” you do not get to use Deffilwyne’s Special Ability. It is no longer you Imprisoning the Creatures. It is just a result of the card being in play.

What happens when I use my Mining Car and there turns out to be no Krystals in the Deck?

Let’s break this one into two parts. If you go through the deck and you find no Krystals, the first thing you do is flip the discard pile over in the same way you would whenever you run out of cards in the play deck. Then, you continue to place cards into the discard pile. If you get through the deck a second time without finding a Krystal (meaning there were no Krystals in the discard pile), you flip the discard pile over again and stop. The Mining Car stays in play under your control. You can still use its Special Ability once per turn. I wouldn’t recommend it. People will get irritated with you.