Keko Chronicles - Characters

In the Keko Chronicles card game, you are a character in this story!

You may be a Hero, like Samantha Keko, searching her father’s journal for the answers to her many questions, or Lord Quiggs himself, using the power of Krystals to keep the Keko’s safe.

You may be a Villain, like Madame Ponqui obsessed with the Mask of Unwanted Sorrows and the power it contains, or General Fydo, the leader of Ponqui’s Hound Army.

You will use cards to manipulate the world of Nuggles until you defeat your opponents or until they defeat you…

Lord Quiggs    Samantha Keko   Pagley O’Fuzzinstuff
General Fydo    Deffilwyne the Hunter   Madame Ponqui
Daniel Keko    Captain Kellinjer   Koko of Jo-Jo
Queen Maggie Magillicutty    Shwenn, Master of Thieves   Waximum the Weird