Keko Chronicles - Origins

“There shall come a child of two worlds. Nuggles-Born, yet raised on Earth. The child shall be the Destroyer of Masks and the Bringer of Peace.”
Keko Chronicles

Lord Quiggs travels to earth in the P.T.A.W.M.T to get Samantha and Daniel Keko using the Keko Journal to convince them to accompany him to Nuggles to try and stop Madame Ponqui and her Hound Army.

The P.T.A.W.M.T. arrives in Nuggles, in the nation of Yeslynn, in the Plains of Torlyss. Quiggs intends to get the Kekos to the Safe Zone city of Paradise about a six day’s drive to the East.

Madame Ponqui, aware of Lord Quiggs’ plan, has recruited Deffilwyne the Hunter to track down Quiggs and the Keko children afraid that one of the Keko kids may be the Nuggles-Born mentioned in the prophecies.

On the Plains of Torlyss, Lord Quiggs, Samantha, and Daniel find themselves in the middle of a migrating pack of Shibbers led by their Queen. The Shibbers disable the P.T.A.W.M.T. and prepare to take out Quiggs and the Kekos, until a hungry Thraxxis arrives seeking to drain the Shibbers’ energy. Lord Quiggs and the Kekos use the Thraxxis distraction to flee, continuing on foot across the Plains of Torlyss towards the nearest stable Safe Zone which is days away to the north.


Deffilwyne, accompanied by two of Ponqui’s Soldier Hounds, Moo and Tankk, pursue the heroes from the air in Deffilwyne’s Air Ship. The slow moving Quiggs, Samantha, and Daniel try to lose them through a slippery Whoopsi Daisy meadow. Deffilwyne the Hunter and his Hound companions are not deterred and they continue to gain on Lord Quiggs and the Kekos, finally landing the Air Ship and continuing to track them on foot.

In a last act of desperation to lose Deffilwyne and the Hounds, Lord Quiggs and the Kekos take refuge in the dangerous Maze of Torlyss, an underground labyrinth that is also the home of a very large, very terrifying, well fed Thraxxis.


Within the Maze’s winding corridors, Deffilwyne and the Hounds, Quiggs and the Kekos, and the Maze Thraxxis all converge. Deffilwyne and the Hounds are forced to retreat, unequipped to deal with the Maze Thraxxis. Quiggs, Samantha, and Daniel escape the Maze and eventually arrive at a Nuggles Safe Zone in the Dezarkeem foothills where they recruit the Galurian pilot, Pagley O’Fuzzinstuff.

For a price, Pagley agrees to escort Lord Quiggs and the Kekos safely over the Dezarkeem Mountains to the Island nation of Jo-Jo in his Hover Boat.

Elsewhere, Madame Ponqui has General Fydo maneuver his Hound Army troops toward the nation of Galuria, looking to secure the trade routes entering and exiting that profitable nation, while she tries to track down a crazed inventor who claims to have once held the Mask of Unwanted Sorrows in his hands.

Mask of Unwanted Sorrows