Keko Chronicles - Journal

The History of Waximum the Weird

Before Keko Chronicles, there was another game: Portals and Pathways. Think of it like Chutes (or Snakes) and Ladders, if Chutes (Or Snakes) and Ladders had been designed by a crazy person. The premise of the game was an interdimensional race between competitors where they would utilize two different types of wormholes (“Portals” and “Pathways”) to help get themselves to the finish line before anyone else. Different racers had different abilities and specialties (similar to Characters in Keko Chronicles now that I think about it). Each racer could manipulate the Portals and Pathways in different ways.

One of those racers was a guy by the name of Waximum.

Now, Waximum’s abilities involved lots of randomness. Lots of dice rolling. He would invent these bizarre vehicles and machines that would sometimes pull off huge successful moves. And sometimes they would cause himself serious injury and set back. Years later, when Keko Chronicles became a thing, I needed a name for a new Villain that would be manipulated by Madame Ponqui. The name “Waximum” popped back into my head. I thought having a weird inventor guy making strange Items and Transportations would allow me to introduce some truly unique and bizarre cards to Keko without having to give too much explanation as to how they fit into the story. my mind: All of the games and stories and adventures I’ve concocted with my kids and the games and stories and adventures that I concocted when I was young exist in my own little multiverse. What can I say? I’m an odd guy. It may be my love of comic books, but everything has to connect.

So, how can I reconcile the Waximum of Portals and Pathways with the Waximum of Keko Chronicles? The answer was quite simple. in this little multiverse in my mind, Waximum was racing in one of those Portals and Pathways interdimensional races, when he went through a wormhole that landed him in Nuggles. His ship was destroyed. For years, Waximum tried to find a way back home, until he fell in love with a local Nuggles woman (a Galurian, if you need to know) whom he married and started a family with. That ended in tragedy.

Now, Waximum is wrapped up in the Keko Chronicles. Now, Madame Ponqui toys with his grief to get him to create strange Items and Transportations to help her in her quest to find the Mask of Unwanted Sorrows and to track down the Keko children. In Portals and Pathways, Waximum utilized a lot of dice rolling. In Keko Chronicles, dice rolling and randomness is usually reserved for Cha-Os Creatures. So, the logical progression in my mind is that Waximum is going to experiment with Cha-Os technology: Sort of a bio-tech thing using Cha-Os plasma which may or may not have a connection to Nuggles’ past. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Waximum’s story isn’t over yet. It has been one of loss and tragedy. It may not have to end that way.

We’ll see what happens when Waximum realizes that Madame Ponqui is hunting children that are very close in age to his own kids that died...