Keko Chronicles - Journal

Tourney Time!

"The Summer of Keko."

My brother coined the phrase some time last month as this crazy game has become a reality and has begun to spread. It’s a pretty appropriate name for this season. Keko Chronicles has been introduced to over a hundred individuals in the past two months online, at conventions, to reviewers, and across the globe. And it just keeps spreading and gaining momentum and becoming something...more.

As the Summer of Keko continued, In a room that was way too hot, 8 teams competed for the title in the first ever Keko Chronicles 2 on 2 tournament. While recapping every match would be impossible, there were a couple of standout moments worth mentioning. This first tournament adopted the “Legacy Rule.” When one member of a team was eliminated, any cards in that player’s hand were inherited by their teammate.

Round One: A turn two Catastrophic Draggyn/Whoopsi Daisy combo happened with Unsafe Zone in play to do a ridiculous 158 points of damage...Teams began using Galurian Handshake on their partner, swapping key cards to improve both of their situations...and the Maze of Torlyss was out in full force.

Round Two: Maze of Torlyss hit the table again in both semi final match was decided when the team of Tim Kujawa and Robbie Bowden were able to play Rejection in response to a perfectly timed Surprise to seal their win...the other match saw the special edition Family Reunion card help Jeff and Lucien Bowden come all the way back to defeat their opponents in an amazing, methodical comeback.

The Championship Round: Jeff and Lucien Bowden got out to the early lead, quickly targeting Robbie Bowden with small creatures and items. Early on, it looked like the Championship was going to be a one-sided affair. Robbie, knowing that his time was short, decided to take advantage of the Legacy Rule. Knowing that his partner had a Shibber Queen in play, Robbie chose to not play the Shibber creatures in his hand hoping to pass them on after he was eliminated. Unaware of Robbie’s plan, Jeff and Lucien continued to attack Robbie and his life total was soon at zero. Robbie passed his hand to his partner, Tim, who instantly got excited and animated. He began playing Shibber after Shibber, bulking up his Shibber Queen. Then he threw down a Mask of Unwanted Sorrows. He began using Lord Quiggs’ ability to snatch Krystals from the deck to feed the Mask of Unwanted Sorrows and a few turns later, Tim was able to finish off both members of the opposing team.

Once again, the combination of Lord Quiggs and the Mask of Unwanted Sorrows proved to be the deciding factor.

All in all, I feel it was a successful day of 2 on 2 tourney action. We continued to see players discovering combinations that we never knew existed and there were a couple questions that arose that will be popping up in a new Frequently Asked Questions entry in the next few days. Also made a connection to a comic book/gaming store in New Hampshire who may be interested in selling the game out of their store.

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Until next time...

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