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Origins: Part Seven

What is Waximum’s Key?

If you look closely at Madame Ponqui’s Character Card, you can see a key dangling from a strap attached to her clothing. The key has intrigued me from the moment I saw it. What does that key go to? I wondered. I had to find out.

You see, the Keko Chronicles story continues to grow in my mind. There are certain storylines that are set in stone. I know how it ends. I know the overall journey of most of our characters. That sort of thing. But there are details and side stories and things that are taking place beyond our core group of characters that are hazy at best. I am certain there are things happening on Nuggles that I’m not even aware of. Yet. It’s a story too big for me to grasp. Too big for me to write alone. Maybe you know what’s happening elsewhere in Nuggles. If you do, send us an email. Let’s talk.

But I digress.

I had to find out about the key.

In a future set of Keko Chronicles, you will be introduced to a Character named Waximum the Odd. He’s an inventor. He found a Mask embedded in rock in a cave in the Dezarkeem Mountains near the Galurian boarder. He was so excited that he brought his family up to the cave to see the Mask and help him remove it from the rock. Unbeknownst to Waximum, a mother Draggyn had nested in the back of that cave, having just laid an egg. The Draggyn, threatened by Waximum and his family, attacked. Waximum escaped with his life. His family did not.

In his grief, Waximum the Odd built automatons of his family. His wife, his two children. They sit around the dinner table in Waximum’s home. They, when operating, eat with him, talk with him. Amazing pieces of work. To operate them, Waximum has to wind them up daily. Using a key.

When Madame Ponqui caught wind of the rumor of the man who had found a Mask, she decided to find a way to manipulate him into revealing the Mask’s whereabouts. After all, it could be the Mask of Unwanted Sorrows. She had the key stolen and now uses it to keep Waximum doing her bidding. Doesn’t that just make you hate her a little bit more?

Now, Waximum’s Key is going to be an Item in our next Keko Chronicles set. But I don’t want to design it. I want you to. I want Waximum’s Key to be the first card designed by the Keko Chronicles Community. You know how it fits into the story. can you make a card “feel” like it does what Waximum’s Key does.

Is it an Item that somehow causes other Items to “come alive” or “work?” Is it an Item that somehow manipulates someone else into doing your bidding? Is it an item that can get “stolen” from someone else or that you need to “steal” to get it to work? Is it connected to Draggyns or Masks or...I don’t know...Caves (You would have to make up a whole new game mechanic for that. To which I say: Go for it!)

Get creative! Email us your thoughts and submissions to Limit of 2 entries per person. Everyone deserves a second chance.

The Keko Chronicles team will play test ALL entries. Winning entry will get a Special Edition Copy of their Card plus get to see their card in the upcoming Keko Chronicles Expansion: The Island of Jo-Jo. Second place will receive a Special Edition Copy of their Card. Good luck!

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