Keko Chronicles - Creatures

Krakkyn (Origins)

Krakkyns are monstrous water dwelling creatures known to tear apart any and all vehicles that disturb their territory. They can be found in oceans and lakes, as well as some deep rivers. A few species of Krakkyn can wander onto the land for short periods of time to find food. Krakkyns appear to be partially mechanic in nature, similar to Shibbers. Perhaps remnants from some long forgotten age where the lines between life and technology was a little more blurred.


Krakkyns use their many tentacles to drag prey into its cavernous, toothy mouth. It is unclear if the nourishment they seek is from the individuals they swallow up or the actual vehicles that the Krakkyns consume. An interesting fact about the different species of Krakkyn throughout Nuggles is that they sometimes seem to target specific types of Transportation.

Large number of Krakkyns have been known to congregate in the Leethra Sea near busy shipping lanes as well as closer to shore near ports.