Keko Chronicles - Characters

Waximum the Weird (The Galurian Marketplace)

Waximum once lived a happy life. This eccentric inventor had raised a charming family in the northwestern part of Galuria for many years. Then, one day, he discovered a cave in the Dezarkeem Mountains along the Galuria/Yeslynn border. Inside the cave, embedded in rock, Waximum found a Mask. Assuming it to be one of the legendary Masks of Engrole, he invited his family up to the cave to check it out. Unbeknownst to Waximum, a mother Draggyn had nested further back in the cave having just laid an egg. The Draggyn, threatened by Waximum and his family attacked. Waximum escaped with his life. His family did not.

Waximum the Weird

Following the tragic death of his family, Waximum struggled to retain a grip on reality and his sanity. He would often wander around aimlessly, muttering about the Mask in the cave, earning himself the nickname of “Waximum the Weird.” In his grief, Waximum built automatons of his family. His wife. His two children. They sit around the dinner table in Waximum’s home. They, when operating, eat with Waximum, talk with him. These amazing pieces of work need to be wound up daily with a key. A short while back, Madame Ponqui got her hands on Waximum’s key. She has used it to manipulate the inventor to do her bidding. First, she had him bring her to the cave to remove the Mask from the rock, hoping it was the Mask of Unwanted Sorrows. Now, she continues to use the key as leverage to have Waximum build her strange items and machines to help her continue to tighten her grip on Nuggles.