Keko Chronicles - Characters

Madame Ponqui (Origins)

Madame Ponqui and Lord Quiggs were both among the twelve individuals originally chosen to keep the corrupting power of the Mask of Unwanted Sorrows out of the wrong hands. Convinced that the Mask would enable her to unite all of Nuggles, Madame Ponqui betrayed the group, desiring to claim the Mask as her own. After Lord Quiggs managed to have the Mask hidden away, Ponqui began forming a Hound Army to do her bidding.

Madame Ponqui
Throughout the centuries, Madame Ponqui has come close to discovering the Mask’s whereabouts, never to have it fall into her hands. Now, hearing that Lord Quiggs has brought two Earth children to Nuggles, Ponqui operates with a dangerous sense of urgency, fearing that the Prophecy of the Nuggles-Born may be true after all.

In the nation of Galuria, Madame Ponqui tracks down an odd inventor named Waximum who claims to have seen the Mask of Unwanted Sorrow. Using a Key that is very dear to Waximum, Ponqui begins manipulating the inventor, trying to get him to reveal the Mask’s whereabouts and perhaps even convince him to join her cause.

Having convinced Waximum the Weird to take her to the Mask he has been known to mutter about, Madame Ponqui (although disappointed that the Mask is not the Mask of Unwanted Sorrows) has used that Mask (the Mask of Ill Gotten Gains) to further manipulate Galuria’s economy to her advantage. She has also recruited Waximum to begin constructing bizarre items to help her tighten her grip on Nuggles.